Thursday, December 5, 2013

Vintage Ornaments

Thanks to my mum, I have a serious problem when it comes to vintage Christmas ornaments.
At one time, I was on a high!
 I couldn't stop looking for them, looking at them, wanting them, needing them. It was kind of bad. Then I gave up..
And when I gave up, they just started coming to me. (Isn't that how it always works).
 I went to an Estate Sale, and found these beauties. Two of them; the first one and third one, are from the early 1900's, the woman said. They definitely look it.
The Santa is by far my favorite ornament. I put a little topper on him, and he looks great hanging on my Christmas Tree.
I only wanted one box, which was $3, but the woman gave me three boxes all for $3! The first box had the really nice ones in it, but I took them all, you can never have too many ornaments!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Vintage Glass Garland

I went to this flea market earlier this year, and was really upset that I paid $14 to get in and ended up not getting a thing! Until I walked out of the flea market, and saw these guys selling all kinds of crap, junk, stuff I particularly love. I dug through an old box that smelt of vintage! And ta da! I found two strands of glass garland. Really used. I really love that!
Just think, how many Christmas Tree's that garland saw...
I paid $1 for them both, and I also bought a lot of small vintage ornaments for only $3.

When I looked online, one strand of garland goes for around $10. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Vintage Santa Card Holder

I found this 1950's Santa Card Holder at a yard sale for only $2.
Perfect for holding all those Christmas Chards I get!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Vintage Elves

I found these two adorable Elves at a Thrift Store in a bag full of Christmas stuff for $4. When I purchased them, I told the cashier I only wanted these two and handed the bag back to her, she ended up charging me a $1 for both of them.
I love them!
When I came home to look them up, I couldn't believe what they are going for.. no one is bidding on them, but still they are selling anywhere between $14-$50! That's crazy.
I guess if I ever end up selling them, I'll make a little something.
But for now, I'll enjoy them.