Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Vintage Canisters

I bought these Vintage Yellow Canisters at a yard sale, all four for only $1.
At first, I didn't care for them, but then I thought they'd look so cute in pretty much any kitchen.
So..... I grabbed them! I mean a dollar? I can't beat that!
I was trying to find the history on them, but I couldn't really find anything on Chrome Queen.
I know they are for sure vintage, the women having the yard sale, said their grandmother kept everything she owned.
I like knowing that they were loved, that everything morning she would drink her tea, and he hubby would scoop out his coffee.
I just love vintage finds, don't you?
Below are some really nice canisters I found on Pinterest.

Do you use canisters? 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Free free free

Remember the other day when I said I bought that single industrial cabinet? Well inside were these cards..
I was so happy to get these two boxes of cards; one box is canary color with a little green and blue cards thrown in, the other box is all white.
I wanted to start a little booth at an Antique Store, and I thought these would be perfect when pricing things.
And if all fails, I will stamp them, and use them as gift tags!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Industrial Cabinet

I bought this industrial single cabinet at an Estate Sale for only $2
The Estate Sale had some really-y-y-y nice pieces, but I didn't have enough $$$ on me.
Whoever passed away had fairly nice taste when it came to antiques, and vintage pieces.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
When I looked up information on this industrial cabinet, I found out it was a Paper and Twine Company called Garrett Buchanan Co. in Philadelphia, PA. Apparently the business caught fire, so they moved the company to Reading, PA.
I figured the person that passed away might have worked there or something because they had a lot of old file cabinets, and some really nice industrial office pieces.
I found this photo while looking up the history on it.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Wire Lampshades

I found these two vintage wire lamp shades at a yard sale, I bought both of them for $3.
I want to definitely use the bigger one as a hanging light over the dining room table, I might add some chicken wire around it, or maybe just wrap some thin wire around it.. we'll see. (I'll let you all know when it gets put up).
As for the smaller one, I used it as a wire bowl for the Apples I purchased at Graces Orchard, you can read about that here. I think it's a great way to repurpose it! Eventually, I will hang that one, too. (Possibly over the sink in the kitchen). As of right now, I like it being used as a wire bowl for my pretty Apples.

I just love these ideas below! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Mirror Mirror

I have a real obsession with mirrors, what can I say, I like to look at myself ... Ha, just kidding.
 I love having them in rooms, they can make a small room look instantly bigger!
If it were up to me, I'd have everywhere, but unfortunately my boyfriend thinks they are creepy..
I purchased the bigger one for $1 at a yard sale and the smaller one was $2.99 at a thrift store. I can't wait to hang them in the powder room (which is getting redone very soon).

How do you feel about mirrors? Creepy? or love? 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

DIY Drapes

I went shopping for drapes..
and all I'm going to say is wow.
 When did drapes become outrageous? Or have they always been?
 I read all these blogs with DIY Drapes, and after reading how to do it, I thought hey, I have some fabric, all I need is the Ultrabond Adhesive tape, an Iron, and some clips. It all came out to around $20, I bought a cheap Iron for like $7, three packages of tape, which was around $10, the clips were only $1.. so around $20 for everything. The fabric I purchased at a yard sale, I think it was $3 or something around that. After I made my first two curtains (which came out horrible), I remade more, and they came out perfect! It took a little practice with the measurements. Luckily I saved the first two I had made, and just resized them. I really like them! It was soooooo easy once I got it down. Now I want to do drapes for all the rooms!
Now what was a lot of money was the curtains rods, they came out to about $45 for three rods, and two packages (14 in each bag) drape clips. I do recommend Lowes for your drapes and clips. They were the cheapest. And trust me, I went everywhere looking!

(Sorry for the blurred out windows, I have Halloween decorations hanging outside)...
and note, all the trim is getting painted white, we are redoing the wood floors, and getting a nice rug. So stick around for all that. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vintage Candy Baskets

I don't know about ya'll,
but I love vintage Halloween.
I found these old school candy baskets at two different thrift stores for $1 each.
I saw the one that says "Treat" on it, at an Antique Store going for $28, and I saw another one going for even more! -Not sure why they are so pricey.
It's funny, back in the day, it was probably .60 cents..
I just like thinking about how much candy these two baskets have seen.


Monday, October 14, 2013

All you need is spray paint

 When we bought our house, the couple before us, had a few things they left in the garage for us.
There wasn't much of anything really, I donated a lot of it.. and some of it was just g-a-r-b-a-g-e.
 This light base on the other hand, I had plans for.
 The piece below I found at an Extravaganza Antique Flea Market in Kutztown, PA called Renninger's .
The guy had thirty for it; it came with two smaller tables, I am assuming it was for plants. I only wanted one. So he let me have it for $15.
I went out and bought a lamp, I honestly just wanted the lamp shade, it was simple for the lamp base that I had, the lamp was on clearance for $12.99.  
I bought some spray paint, which I ended up using three different ones, note to self: use one that has primer in it. Since the base was ceramic, it was hard for anything to really stick to it, and actually dry. The spray paint + primer, worked the best. And it was around $5, I ended up buying two for both projects. I also bought some painters tape at the Dollar Store, which surprisingly worked well.
After I taped everything off, (I ended up giving the boyfriend the projects).
And ta da! He did a great job spray painting!
I wanted him to help with some of the projects around the house. It took him a few tries, which there for means I'm doing the next spray painting projects. He just got too in to it... you can't be perfect when it comes to spray painting, cause once you get cocky, you get runs!
I am so pleased with the finished touches.
It's simple, white, and clean.

What a difference spray paint does!
You can't ever go wrong with it. And did I mention, there are some really nice colors on the shelves now, I can't wait to use them.
How about you? Do you ever use spray paint? If so, on what?  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Talking prints

I found these two prints, both are signed by the Artist.
 I got the first one for only .75 cents, and the second one I got for $4.
All I did was ask for a few dollars off, and it worked!
 I always like going to yard sales at the end of the day, people are willing to just give away stuff. Always remember that; if you like something but it was just a little too much for you, make sure to try again later in the day. (If it's not a far drive or walk, whether your going to yard sales or flea markets). It always works for me. If it's meant to be, I'll get it at the price I want. And make sure to be reallyyy sweet, and smile, that helps!

When I get some time, I'm going to redo the frames. 
 I will probably frame them in some distressed wood frames.
 I cannot wait to hang them up, they are going to look so good!

Have you ever found any art at fabulous prices?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hello Coach

 Item found today is a Plaid Coach Clutch I got for only $3.99

I really don't think the people pricing items new what they priced, cause there was an American Eagle bag that was quite used selling for $12.99.. then you have this nice Coach Clutch for only $3.99.
I don't get it.
 I'm not complaining!
I know it's a real Coach, it's made with quality, (even though Coach is now made in China).
I normally don't go for "logo's". I like to keep my name brands hidden, whether they are expensive or not. I like when people come up to me and ask where'd you find that, or who's it by. Most of my clothes are secondhand, which people cannot believe.
  I like this clutch. It's simple. It says Coach on the zipper pulls, and inside. That's enough logo for me.
Did I mention it's perfect for fall and winter! 


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

DIY Lamp Shade

I found this lamp at Goodwill for $10.
I really liked the base, just not so much the shade.. it was just a little to plain for me.
 I went to my local craft store and purchased a few things such as paint, tape, and a chip brush.
I taped it, painted it, touched it up, peeled the tape off, and ta da!
I didn't think it was going to be that easy, but it was. 
 I was going to go chevron crazy, but decided to keep it simple.
It looks great!
All together the lamp + material = $14

Have you been getting into any projects lately?
 If so, what?

Monday, October 7, 2013

Let's talk make up

I was thrifting, and came across a great buy, well two great buys.
Maybelline Lipsticks, brand new, for only .49 cents each.

 I love the way lipstick looks on women, but I, personally never wear it...
But that all changed,
the other day, I was playing around with lipstick, and when my boyfriend came home, walked through the door, looked at me, and said I looked very pretty, all that changed was the lipstick.
Now I can't stop wearing it!
And since I've been wearing it, I have been receiving compliments non stop, why didn't I wear this before?

It feels good knowing that .49 cents was all it took to change my beauty routine!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Store find Saturday

This find isn't considered 'second hand', but it is pretty good buy.
I'm going to share a little story...
I like going to Target, getting ideas, or just dreaming of things I wish I could buy from there.
I was in the kitchen isle looking at dishes, bowls, cups, etc. and I came across these plates that I really loved. I just couldn't see paying store price for each piece, that would be over $60.
So I walked past them, foreseeing them cheaper.
Well, a few weeks go buy, and I notice they are on clearance for $4.99 for each piece.
I thought that was cheaper, but I still couldn't see paying that.
So then again, I walked past them, foreseeing them cheaper.
So then, I went there the other day, and saw some other plates I liked, not loved, and just thought darn, I wish they had the ones I loved. I turned the corner, just happened to look down, and on the bottom shelf they had all these clearance plates behind this big box, and there were the plates I loved!
It was like they were meant for me!
The best part of this story was these plates were on clearance for $1.78 for dinner plate and $1.48 for salad plate.
That's a steal!
I believe when you really, really, really want something, it will come to you, it just takes time.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Fashion find Friday

I went to my local Salvation Army, couldn't find anything, felt like I was in a slump...
Then I walked over to shoes, and found brand new black wedges by Katie and Kelly.
I don't think the color black really looks good on my feet, so I passed by them.
Walked out to my car....
.....sat there.
.....then walked back inside and grabbed them for only $3.99.
I just had that feeling, the feeling where you should get it, even though you have no idea why.
So when I bought them, I brought them home, and fell in love with them!
They look so good paired with black skinny jeans, and a long coat.

Online Katie and Kelly wedges are around $50
I only got mine for $3.99.
I think that is a pretty good thrifty find!