Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Vintage Canisters

I bought these Vintage Yellow Canisters at a yard sale, all four for only $1.
At first, I didn't care for them, but then I thought they'd look so cute in pretty much any kitchen.
So..... I grabbed them! I mean a dollar? I can't beat that!
I was trying to find the history on them, but I couldn't really find anything on Chrome Queen.
I know they are for sure vintage, the women having the yard sale, said their grandmother kept everything she owned.
I like knowing that they were loved, that everything morning she would drink her tea, and he hubby would scoop out his coffee.
I just love vintage finds, don't you?
Below are some really nice canisters I found on Pinterest.

Do you use canisters? 


  1. I do use, but not so fancy ones that's presented in the pictures.. mine are from IKEA :) But I learned to use them, since I do not want any bugs with my rice or sugar( we had a problem with that while living in this rented flat).
    I love the vintage effects, each of them has a story :) Beautiful!
    Kat /

  2. I love the last three. I think Granma had the second to last at one time. But my favorite is the flowers with the cool clear handles. PS Give us more!!!

  3. Wow, only a $1!!! I love them. So glad you bought them home with you.