Monday, October 14, 2013

All you need is spray paint

 When we bought our house, the couple before us, had a few things they left in the garage for us.
There wasn't much of anything really, I donated a lot of it.. and some of it was just g-a-r-b-a-g-e.
 This light base on the other hand, I had plans for.
 The piece below I found at an Extravaganza Antique Flea Market in Kutztown, PA called Renninger's .
The guy had thirty for it; it came with two smaller tables, I am assuming it was for plants. I only wanted one. So he let me have it for $15.
I went out and bought a lamp, I honestly just wanted the lamp shade, it was simple for the lamp base that I had, the lamp was on clearance for $12.99.  
I bought some spray paint, which I ended up using three different ones, note to self: use one that has primer in it. Since the base was ceramic, it was hard for anything to really stick to it, and actually dry. The spray paint + primer, worked the best. And it was around $5, I ended up buying two for both projects. I also bought some painters tape at the Dollar Store, which surprisingly worked well.
After I taped everything off, (I ended up giving the boyfriend the projects).
And ta da! He did a great job spray painting!
I wanted him to help with some of the projects around the house. It took him a few tries, which there for means I'm doing the next spray painting projects. He just got too in to it... you can't be perfect when it comes to spray painting, cause once you get cocky, you get runs!
I am so pleased with the finished touches.
It's simple, white, and clean.

What a difference spray paint does!
You can't ever go wrong with it. And did I mention, there are some really nice colors on the shelves now, I can't wait to use them.
How about you? Do you ever use spray paint? If so, on what?  

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  1. My love for spray paint is eternal <3 These turned out great!