Saturday, October 5, 2013

Store find Saturday

This find isn't considered 'second hand', but it is pretty good buy.
I'm going to share a little story...
I like going to Target, getting ideas, or just dreaming of things I wish I could buy from there.
I was in the kitchen isle looking at dishes, bowls, cups, etc. and I came across these plates that I really loved. I just couldn't see paying store price for each piece, that would be over $60.
So I walked past them, foreseeing them cheaper.
Well, a few weeks go buy, and I notice they are on clearance for $4.99 for each piece.
I thought that was cheaper, but I still couldn't see paying that.
So then again, I walked past them, foreseeing them cheaper.
So then, I went there the other day, and saw some other plates I liked, not loved, and just thought darn, I wish they had the ones I loved. I turned the corner, just happened to look down, and on the bottom shelf they had all these clearance plates behind this big box, and there were the plates I loved!
It was like they were meant for me!
The best part of this story was these plates were on clearance for $1.78 for dinner plate and $1.48 for salad plate.
That's a steal!
I believe when you really, really, really want something, it will come to you, it just takes time.

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