Thursday, October 3, 2013

Vintage noise makers

 I was digging through boxes at a local Flea Market and came across an old noise maker, it reminded me of this one my mum recently gave me. Turns out they are both from Kirchhof Newark, NJ. It's a company that started in 1852 to date. They made/make small toys, noise makers, Christmas ornaments and novelties.
I grabbed the little clown maker, along with a few other goodies I found (which I will post).
And asked how much.
Guess how much this Vintage Clown Maker was?
5 cents.
That's it.
I felt like I was stealing it!
Nothing in this world is 5 cents anymore...

This noise maker below came from an Antique Shop outside of Portland, Maine.
My mum and I went there earlier this year, and went to a few antique shops. I believe it was originally $16 but it was 50% off, so I told her to grab it. One day it will be worth something, and for now, it's just nice to have as a decoration.
She ended up giving it to me, since I don't have much Halloween stuff.
I love it.

And as of now, the clown and witch are hanging out together.
They are a perfect match for each other.

Here are some vintage noise makers found on Etsy. 

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  1. I think that clown is making a pass at that witch..... Another good deal... 5 cents that is crazy good!