Thursday, October 17, 2013

DIY Drapes

I went shopping for drapes..
and all I'm going to say is wow.
 When did drapes become outrageous? Or have they always been?
 I read all these blogs with DIY Drapes, and after reading how to do it, I thought hey, I have some fabric, all I need is the Ultrabond Adhesive tape, an Iron, and some clips. It all came out to around $20, I bought a cheap Iron for like $7, three packages of tape, which was around $10, the clips were only $1.. so around $20 for everything. The fabric I purchased at a yard sale, I think it was $3 or something around that. After I made my first two curtains (which came out horrible), I remade more, and they came out perfect! It took a little practice with the measurements. Luckily I saved the first two I had made, and just resized them. I really like them! It was soooooo easy once I got it down. Now I want to do drapes for all the rooms!
Now what was a lot of money was the curtains rods, they came out to about $45 for three rods, and two packages (14 in each bag) drape clips. I do recommend Lowes for your drapes and clips. They were the cheapest. And trust me, I went everywhere looking!

(Sorry for the blurred out windows, I have Halloween decorations hanging outside)...
and note, all the trim is getting painted white, we are redoing the wood floors, and getting a nice rug. So stick around for all that. 

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